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In Dawn Allen, Marsha Lytle, Natasha Hanova, Novel Clique on November 23, 2010 at 5:32 pm

We opened with group therapy which ran from tears to laughter to anger to hysterics. The people around us kept moving. Not sure what that was about. However, after a stressful fall and a Thanksgiving break looming large we were thankful for other writers to learn from, each other to gain support from, and bookstores with cafes with lots of caffeine. Forget the parallel structure – I’ve had too much caffeine.

Today at group we signed up as members to OWFI which is Oklahoma Writer’s Federation whose conference we attended last spring. We had such a good experience that we decided to make it a group goal to join this year as well as attend their conference again. So, we filled out the forms together, slipped them in the envelope with the fees, and sealed them up to be mailed on the way on home. This is what truly holding each other accountable is all about. Hah! Why attend the conference? Good reasons include: pitching your novel to agents, editors, or other professionals, networking with other writers and industry professionals, and entering their contests. Last year Marsha entered and placed in two out of five that she entered. Tasha and I both successfully pitched our novels to an agent and an editor, respectively.

If you’re looking for a writer’s conference, join us in Oklahoma City in the spring.


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