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In Dawn Allen, Meeting Notes on June 21, 2011 at 5:44 pm

[Editor’s note: This post is from February 2011)

I’m totally going to age myself here but The Raspberries had a song by this name which is just so appropriate for our second presentation as a writer’s group. We presented to the Kansas City Young Adult Librarian (KCYAL) on Monday night and we think it went well. Everyone had kind things to say about what we shared and how we shared it. We’re getting this presenting thing down enough that at group we brainstormed things that we can present on. Our first was on writer’s groups called Writer’s Groups: Safe House or Slaughter House. This last one was Inside the Writer’s Mind. It’s a wonder the title didn’t scare them off. Given what goes on in most writer’s minds…well, it’s terrifying for those who don’t understand writers.

We also critiqued from Marsha’s ongoing novel on Dev, a character Dawn and Tasha love. We spent time with Tasha’s latest WIP, adapted from a short story, Blink, and we continued our latest pass of On the Run for Dawn.

Focus wasn’t good for Dawn given her last ten days, this was understandable. It’s the reason this blog is just now being updated. Hopefully, the drama in her life is over for a while. She informed her son he is to stay away from armed assassins for a while.

Next week is First Tuesdays. We love this night each month because new writers bring a new level of energy to the group. It’s helped all of us during this year which has had its challenges for all of us in some way. Life’s challenges always manage to make it into our fiction. It’s realistic and as a writer you have life experience to bring to it. What about you? Have you ever taken a real life event or crisis and written it into your fiction?


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