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Novel Clique’s Goals for 2013

In Dawn Allen, Goalsetting on January 11, 2013 at 3:16 pm


Novel Clique has set goals from the onset. We set them as writers and as a group. It’s an important part of who we are. Like many of you we recently put our goals down for the coming year.

Novel Clique Member: Dawn Allen

  • Complete the agent requested edits of The G.A.P. Project
  • Complete edits of Drought of Sam Dakota
  • Summer project: Overhaul Fires of the Soul
  • See Tasha’s entry on the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. I’m number 293. 🙂
  • Tech & Social Media goal: my plan is to put more into the blog this year, more time, more effort, gulp, more money.
  • Our group social media goal: we established and committed ourselves by establishing an editorial calendar for our Novel Clique blog. It all begins here January 23.
  • As a member of NC, I will be a part of the team rolling out Edge of Truth, Natasha Hanova’s YA dystopian novel.
  • Another group goal this year: a writer’s retreat. We love this time devoted to our writing and each other.
  • Pleasure goal: Time with the horses! Now that we’re here at the ranch where I can see them regularly, I plan on utilizing that time.


Novel Clique Member: Natasha Hanova

  • Blog revamp. Time to invest in an upgrade.
  • Interviews & Guest Posts. As part of the revamping, I plan to interview my readers and host guest posts by people in various stages of the writing journey – newbie, experienced, published, etc. Interested? Add your name to the interview & guest post sign up list.
  • Writer’s Retreat. I always look forward to this bonding opportunity.
  • Join the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Can already put a check mark by this one (I’m #292). The first Wednesday of every month IWSG creates a safe haven where writers can express their doubts and concerns, as well as offer support and guidance to each other. I have a feeling I’m going to need this group.
  • Book release Blog Tour. I’m both excited and nervous about the upcoming (06.06.13) release of Edge Of Truth. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the cover reveal. Now, I’m recruiting a team to help with the book blog tour from June 6 to June 27. Interested? Please sign up: Edge of Truth blog tour sign up.
  • Start a Newsletter so readers can stay up to date on my blog’s contest, giveaways, tours, appearances, my next book etc. Sign up: Newsletter sign up.
  • Pleasure goal: This is something that has nothing to do with writing. I plan to master baking gooseberry pie between now and December 2013. This was one of my mama’s favorite pies. I baked one for Christmas 2012. My siblings were kind enough to eat it and not make faces. I’m determined to do better next year, and welcome any tips. Find me on Facebook (Author Natasha Hanova) to track my progress or leave tips.


Novel Clique Member: Leatrice McKinney (Tangynt)

  • Find a publisher home for the COVETED trilogy.
  • Complete another book–deep edits and all–by the end of the year. I’m bouncing back and forth between my YA Slayer story and my Alice in Wonderland piece. Want to decide which will be the focus of 2013 by the end of January.
  • I also want to revamp my website/blog, and combine the two of them into one grand online visage. This includes putting in the time, and money, for the professional look I want and feel I deserve. I have so many idea, I can’t wait to get started.
  • While we’re on the subject of online visages, I want to get back to participating more in social media. You’ll start seeing me on Facebook, Twitter and fellow writers’ blogs more often. Plus I’ll be tending to my own blog more often. And doing better at it. >.<
  • Writers retreat. SO ready for this. More than one, if I can manage it!
  • Start thinking up plans and marketing strategies for when my own book comes out, prayerfully that will be sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I am going to use these plans and strategies to help Tasha with the release of Edge Of Truth!
  • Pleasure goal: Take the necessary steps to better my self-image and confidence, from joining a gym and eating healthy to pampering myself with clothes and accessories that make me look and feel good about being me. ^_^


First Tuesday Member: Nicole McLaughlin

  • Finalize agent relationship.
  • Finish full novel revision with her edits.
  • Go on sub and hopefully find a home for HG.
  • Write second novel. (connected to HG)
  • Create a new web/blog site with my own domain name. (Tech goal)
  • Get to 300 blog followers (Social Media Goal)
  • Get to 300 twitter followers. (Social Media Goal)
  • Maintain consistent blog posting. (Including NC blog)
  • Go on writing retreat.
  • Help my writers group achieve and advance in their own goals for 2013.
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