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In Dawn Allen, Leatrice McKinney on March 27, 2013 at 2:02 pm

Who doesn’t remember dreading those two words at one point in their life.

Well, class, today’s quiz is a simple one, and we’re even going to give you part of the answers.

First question: Can anyone define the term Archetype? More importantly, can you differentiate between an archetype and a stereotype?

Answer: From the Greek word arkhetupos meaning “exemplary,” archetypes are common character types, symbols and relationships that appear often in stories modern and ancient. And, to put it simply, a stereotype is when good archetypes go bad, they’re overused, and become cliché. An example of the differences; Cher Horowitz from Clueless is a stereotype of the Beverly Hills rich girl. Everything is over the top about her and her life of luxury. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde begins with the appearance of the ditzy blond girl stereotype, but her character reveals there is more to her than what people expect, making her an archetype.

For the remainder of the quiz, the goal is to correctly identify which of the following is an archetype or a stereotype.

  • George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Tony Soprano from The Sopranos
  • John McClane from Die Hard
  • Neo from The Matrix
  • Obi-Wan from Star Wars
  • Jack McFarland from Will and Grace
  • Bilbo from The Hobbit
  • Lestat from The Vampire Chronicles
  • Niles Crane from Frasier
  • Gandalf from The Lord of the Ring

Next week, we’ll reveal the answers, as well as the reasons for them.

What are a few archetypes you use or enjoy seeing crop up? What are some stereotypes you could live without?

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  1. […] last week. Do you know the difference between an archetype and a stereotype? There’s a pop quiz of sorts to take, and we’ll be giving the answers tomorrow morning, […]

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